Tenants Prep Work of Rental for Winter

1.  If there is a swamp cooler it should now be winterized, if you are not aware of how to complete this submit a work order for maintenance to come teach you.Change furnace filter

2. Gutters are a "must" to be cleaned out to keep ice from forming on the roof and gutters overflowing that create dangerous conditions on the ground.  Gutter extensions must be down, or in place to direct water away from the foundation. If the tenant is not comfortable do this contact your property manager to arrange assistance. Damage to the foundation, roof or dangerous conditions can be your liability.

3. If the home has a sprinkler system that has not been blown out submit a work order to the management company.

4. Check weather stripping around doors and caulking around windows, submit a work order to the management company if repairs are needed.

5. If you plan on using "Ice Melt" purchase the kind without salt, if you use the kind with salt and the concrete gets damaged you will be responsible for the damage.

6.  Make sure your garden hoses are disconnected from the outside faucet and drained of water.


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