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Americans have many dreams; one of the most important and consistent is that of Home Ownership. We were brought up with that dream, it is common to see 65-70% owner occupancy rates. We professionally support the American Dream of Home Ownership. Property ownership has changed throughout history and it will continue to evolve. We are also passionate about tenants having a quality, well maintained rental home.

America is a great country, we do recover from disaster, and with interest rates staying down we will continue to recover. It’s a great year to buy a home and we help our buyers pay most of their moving expenses, give us a call today!

Why hire Alpha Dimension Properties Inc

Why Should I Use Alpha Dimension Properties Inc?

Alpha Dimension Properties started in 2002 by people with years of experience in residential, apartment and condo real estate. We provide superior and memorable service through communication and education that is next to none other at all times. Every life we touch is considered a client that we want to help improve their ability to achieve happiness and harmony through timely, honest and sincere handling and education.

What Our Clients Have To Say

What Our Clients Have To Say...

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Pets in Rental Properties

Many real estate investors prefer to NOT allow pets in their rental property. They believe that the risk of pet damage is greater than any benefits of allowing pets. This is not true for several reasons why it benefits the real estate investor to allow pets including: 1. 70% of tenants have pets 2. Properties take longer to rent when not allowing pets 3. Tenants with... MORE ABOUT Pets in Rental Properties

Electrical Safety Tip During A Storm

During a storm, a power outage is one of the first signs of bad weather. To avoid some of the electrical risks that come along after a storm, we have a few safety tips:If you see a downed line, call the utility company right away and never try to move it out the way yourself!Stay away from downed power lines that are wet or submerged in water. This includes driving ov... MORE ABOUT Electrical Safety Tip During A Storm

Buy Sell Invest Answers

1. Always Conduct Thorough Research On The Current Market Although real estate values fluctuate due to local supply/demand dynamics and broader national economic considerations, it's important to remember that properties always sell for no more or less than what the market will bear at that time. Whether buying or selling, do your research, plot your data points, ... MORE ABOUT Buy Sell Invest Answers