Sell A Home

Here at ADP, Inc. we understand that your top priority is protecting your personal home or Rental Investment, while insuring when you decide to sell it will obtain the highest market value. We can help

  1. We will send you a full market analysis at your request and coach you on deciding the best listing price, just send us an e-mail, our goal is to value your time and exceed your needs.
  2. We will list your home for as low as 1% plus the coop brokerage fee in most cases. We are not a discount brokerage firm, please be cautious of firms that try to sell you on this idea, there are coaching firms that teach brokers to overcome low listing fees by calling other firms discount brokerage firms.
  3. We have vendors to handle all repairs or update for the best possible price, we help you determine what updates will give you the highest listing and sold price.
  4. All listing and under contract documents can be signed virtually using our on-line DocuSign or in person, our goal is to insure your time is respected in every way possible.
  5. We will coach you on how to present the home for the best possible results during showings. You can be highly involved or totally hands free in marketing, approving showings, and receiving showing feedback.
  6. We track and manage every step of being under contract scheduling and insuring ordering title work, inspection, appraisal, HOA doc’s, objections, required responses and many other requirements are handled while keeping you fully informed so you get to the closing table with ease.
  7. We go a step past contacting you when there is an offer, we will prepare a net worksheet to insure you fully understand what your estimated net will be at the closing table for every offer that is made on your home.

Our goal is to coach you through every step of the process. We will exceed your expectations, get the best possible price and make sure you leave the closing table knowing you were in the best possible hands!