Electrical Safety Tip During A Storm

During a storm, a power outage is one of the first signs of bad weather. To avoid some of the electrical risks that come along after a storm, we have a few safety tips:

  1. If you see a downed line, call the utility company right away and never try to move it out the way yourself!
  2. Stay away from downed power lines that are wet or submerged in water. This includes driving over downed power lines or through water that is in contact with them.
  3. If your home has experienced water damage and the power is still on, it's best to turn it off and contact a professional for a safety check.
  4. If there's a slight possibility your home's power lines or the water you need to step through is electrically charged, we DO NOT recommend turning the power off yourself.
  5. Electrical damage to appliances can result from water leakage or flooding. If any wiring has been exposed to water or is corroded, it may be time for a replacement.
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