Frequenty Asked Questions

  • Q: Can I have a satellite dish?

    A: Yes, you can have a satellite dish. However, you must submit a request to ADP, Inc. and sign an agreement prior to installing the dish. You also must take responsibility for removing the dish and repairing any damage. Call your ADP, Inc. management team for details.
  • Q: Can I install extra telephone lines?

    A: You can install extra telephone lines if you pay the expense and disconnect them when you leave. However, you must notify ADP, Inc. and obtain written permission to install the lines.
  • Q: I did not have a pet when I moved in; can I have a pet now?

    A: Notify your ADP, Inc. management team of your request for a pet. Do not move a pet into the property without permission. The Property Manager will contact the owner and submit your request. If the owner does allow a pet, an increased security deposit will be required and a pet agreement signed. If the owner says no, abide by the decision and your rental agreement.
  • Q: I want to add a roommate, now what do I do?

    A: The prospective roommate will have to submit an application and ADP, Inc. must approve the person PRIOR to them moving into the property. You can obtain applications at the ADP, Inc. office. If ADP, Inc. denies the applicant, they cannot move into the property. If approved, you and the approved applicant must sign new rental/lease agreements.
  • Q: My roommate wants to move, but I want to stay. What do I do now?

    A: Your roommate needs to submit a partial notice to vacate. ADP, Inc. will need documentation from you to show you can support the property by yourself. ADP, Inc. will not partially refund part of the security deposit to your roommate since it is a condition of your rental agreement. You and your roommate will have to settle any funds owed to each other, including any or all of the security deposit.
  • Q: What happens if I want another pet?

    A: Notify your ADP, Inc. management team what pet you want. The Property Manager will contact the owner and submit your request. If the owner does allow a pet, an increased security deposit will be required and a pet agreement signed.
  • Q: What happens if my pet dies or runs away, can I have my increased security deposit back?

    A: No, all pet security deposits are non refundable. Until a property is completely vacant, there is no way to check the entire property thoroughly.
  • Q: Why did I receive a notice when I paid the rent on the date of the month?

    A: As outlined in this Handbook before, the rent is due on the 1st and late if not received by the 3rd of the month. Once the 3rd of the month passes, we begin preparing Notices to Pay or Quit. Obviously, we served the notice before we received payment. ADP, Inc. serves Notices based on state landlord/tenant law requirements and their obligations to the owner of the property.
  • Q: Why do the owners want to see the property?

    A: The owners are showing responsibility toward the maintenance of the property, the condition, and their investment. It is also their right to see the property, but they respect that it is your residence. It is also nothing to fear. This is why ADP, Inc. contacted you first to set a date and time.

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